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The Ways Sleep Apnea Can Hurt You

Obviously sleep apnea can cause you to be tired throughout the day, but what else can it affect? When you are unable to get a solid sleep because of airway impairment at night, your body struggles in a lot of ways. Sleep is essential and the ramifications of tossing and turning all night lead to greater repercussions than just lots of coffee.

Here are a few of the ways that sleep apnea can adversely affect you:

Faster Aging

This is the top of the list because no one likes to look older than they actually are. There are immediate effects of sleep apnea on your physical appearance that show up in the form of bags underneath the eyes. The long term issues that can arise from chronic sleep loss include the breakdown of skin collagen, which is what gives your skin bounce and prevents wrinkles. The loss of collagen even causes skin discoloration!

Memory Loss

Your short term memory takes a big hit when you are tired. Many who chronically lose sleep describe a mind that flutters from thought to thought like a butterfly always trying to land.


A strong link has been shown between sleep apnea and depression. Those with insomnia are much more likely to suffer from feelings of depression than those who are able to maintain steady sleep cycles.

Cognitive Impairment

The central nervous system depends on a certain amount of sleep to function at its full potential. When you don’t hit that required amount of sleep you will likely notice that you have problems paying attention and retaining new information.

Weight Gain

In order to make up for the energy spent tossing and turning at night, many people feel much more hungry during the day and even snack at night. Maintaining a steady diet can become impossible when you are faced with severe sleep apnea.

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