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Could Sleep Apnea Lead to a Divorce?

If it has happened once it has happened a hundred times – someone is rudely awakened in the middle of their peaceful slumber. The sound of snoring fills the evening air. Tossing, turning, a pillow over the head – but nothing works, the snoring continues. Finally, the last resort, violence! A poke with the elbow, a kick to the foot and the snoring subsides… but for how long?

Sure, it can be funny to talk about with friends and family, after all who doesn’t love to take a lighthearted jab at their significant other? The problem is that beneath that lighthearted jab can lie real frustration and even anger.

Not being able to get a good night sleep can throw your whole day off. When every single night is interrupted with loud snoring it can start to negatively affect your life. When a person snores there is a good chance that they are affected by sleep apnea and not getting a great sleep. Couple that with their partner’s sleep being adversely affected by snoring and there is a good chance that they are more than a bit grumpy.

When snoring is waking up you or your partner tensions can start to run high. A study at The Sleep Disorders Center at Rush University Medical Center tested to find how a snoring husband can affect marital satisfaction.

It found that couples that are affected with sleep apnea have much higher divorce rates than average – it makes perfect sense! When you are sleep deprived, you are irritable and can have a short tempter. Further, your decision making skills can be greatly compromised.

For the sake of you and your loved one, please contact our office today and we will make sure you both get a good night sleep.

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