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Are you tired of always being tired? If you wake up more than once a night, or have noticed that you wake up in the morning not feeling fully rested, you may have sleep apnea. There are a number of issues that can cause sleep apnea. One of the most common causes of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is the way that your jaw sits while you sleep. With the Narval CC sleep appliance, the jaw is moved into a position that allows you to breath freely during your sleep, regardless of your position. Come and see us in our Bellevue Office to see if the Narval CC sleep appliance is right for you and we will make sure you feel well rested again.

What is the Narval CC?

The Narval CC is a mandibular repositioning device (MDR), which is a fancy way of saying, it’s a sleep appliance that holds your bottom jaw in a forward position. It is 3D printed from nylon and is one is the toughest device we have available to our patients. It is excellent for patients who have a history of tooth grinding.

How It Works

The Narval CC is works by positioning your lower jaw forward slightly. When you sleep your muscles relax, which includes the muscles in your jaw. So naturally, if you are sleeping on your back your lower jaw relaxes it will drift down, toward your neck. As it rests it will make your breathing passage more narrow, sometimes to the point that you can’t draw a breath.

The Narval CC works to hold your lower jaw in a forward position. When your jaw muscles relax when you sleep the jaw will be held forward and your airway will not be impacted. As a result, you will be able to breath comfortably throughout the night.

What makes Narval CC special?

When compared to similar sleep apnea and night guard appliances Narval CC is an easy choice. Because it is crafted out nylon, it is extremely light and smooth. It will stay smooth and light for as long as you use it unlike many other oral appliances that fray and grow sharp edges as they wear down. Also, because it is crafted out of nylon it is able to maintain a much smaller profile while still providing the strength and structure that such appliances need to be successful. As a result it is the most comfortable appliance we offer.

The most unique part of the Narval CC system is that it allows you to speak and drink the same as you normally would. The end result? In recent studies more than 80% of patients who used Narval CC systems experienced a successful treatment of their sleep apnea. This is a huge success rate! We are sure that if you try the Narval CC system, you will be pleased with the result. Call us today at (425) 247-3450 to schedule your appointment.

Adjustments are made by varying the length of nylon bands on either side.

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