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Do you snore?
Have you been diagnosed with sleep apnea?
Do you struggle with a CPAP?


You can have confidence that our decades of experience will help us recommend the right custom treatment. Sleep specialists and physicians trust our expertise because they know we are dedicated to the best medical principles. .

Your Treatment

You shouldn’t have to wait to treat your medical condition. You have a choice to begin with a semi-custom treatment immediately while the best full-custom device is being made for you.

It is Our

We are dentists, experts in oral health, but our focus is sleep, not dentistry. Everything, from our private exam rooms to our personalized systems and full communication with your physicians, is dedicated to maximizing your health.

Can’t Use your CPAP?
Does your bed partner complain about snoring or pauses in breathing?

Premier Sleep Associates can help you get the care you need. For your best care, we can help with diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up.

Treatment In Bellevue

We can start treatment right away with non-custom devices. Full custom appliances can then be made with confidence in their effectiveness.

Finding the Problem

Imaging capability to identify jaw joint, sinus, and other problems. We will share our findings with other providers as a value added benefit.


We understand the science behind the medicine, with extensive training and certification.


We make it easy to work with your benefits. Medicare patients will get the best reimbursement.

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